Litha Ritual
My partner and I performed this ritual together Midsummer, 2008, under a grove of oak trees in a public location. We wore "street clothes" and used no external tools to do this ritual. It was a windy day, so candles and fires would have been unsafe. The only tool we used was a dried oak leaf. I believe this worked very well, and we got or are in the process of getting everything we asked for, and with a couple of exceptions, everything we asked to be taken away from us is now gone.

Please note that the focus of this ritual is decidedly upon the masculine divinity, giving due acknowledgement to Goddess, which is unusual in contemporary Wiccan materials. Note too that there is the proper and ethical use of sacrifice in this ritual, in that we are sacrificing our own bad habits and unwanted individual features.
Cast circle in simple manner. Call 5 quarters.

"With the Sun God at the height of His power and majesty, the waxing of the year has come to pass, and the reign of the Oak King has reached its end. With the Sun God at the height of his splendor, the waning of the year begins; the Holly King must slay His brother the Oak King, and rule over my land until the depth of winter, when the Oak King shall be born again."

As the Gods pass from one to the other through the turning of the Wheel, so do elements of our lives pass through the turning of Time. We see and identify elements of our lives which must pass away with the Oak King, to make room for new elements in our lives we ask the Holly King to bring forth with Him.

(Place an oak leaf in center of circle betwixt us)

The specific items we wish to discard from our lives to be recycled with the dying Oak King are:

Person 1: {Lists their bad habits and problems they want to stop}
Person 2: {Lists their bad habits and problems they want to stop}

(Envision these words and what they represent falling on top of the oak leaf. Add power to the elimination/destruction of these no-longer-useful things. Crumble oak leaf. Watch leaf blow away, symbolically taking the Oak King, and the unwanted elements of our lives away.)


May the Lady comfort us through any of these needed losses, and allow these undesirable habits pass from us quickly and easily.

"The spirit of the Oak King is gone from us, to rest in Caer Arianrhod, the Castle of the Silver Wheel; until, with the turning of the year, the season shall come when he shall return to rule again. Indeed, the cycles of the seasons repeat, but they change slightly from year to year. The next return of the Oak King shall bring with Him new items for our lives. We would like:"

Person 1: {Lists things in their life they want to grow, agreements they wish to reaffirm, new things they would like to have added, and so forth}

Person 2: {Lists things in their life they want to grow, agreements they wish to reaffirm, new things they would like to have added, and so forth}

Envision the Holly King appearing and growing, and these desirable things along with Him. So Mote it Be!

At this time of the Turning of the Year, of its longest day, with the Sun God at His Peak, we shall reaffirm what is in our lives that are most important to us. Individually, re-dedicate ourselves as Priest and Priestess of the Craft, and to reaffirm (other existing promises).

Discharge quarters, open circle.