Rituals for External Manifestations
This page is to give ideas on how to go about making changes to the world around you, and your interaction with people and things surrounding you.

I am not going to waste your time, energy, electrons, or paper by giving you some specific "spells" which may have worked for somebody at some time for some situation that may be similar to yours in some ways. Quite frankly, that sort of "witchcrap" does not work. If that is what you are looking for, there is plenty of it in bookstores and the Internet now. It probably will have no effect whatsoever. It may give some undesired and unintended result. Your feelings and symbols are unique to yours. Anybody else who has ever performed magick has had feelings and symbols which are or were unique to them. The same symbols will produce a different effect in every person, and even the same person over time. For instance, a color which may produce a feeling of being "fresh", "new" and "happy" for one person may produce an effect of "hostility" "anxiety" or "disgust" in another person who detests that particular color. If one person were trying to produce happiness with a spell, and it worked very well, if the other person tried that exact spell it would likely produce nothing or produce a lot of anxiety in the second person.

Besides that, this religion has a great deal of "newness" and "life". A ritual or spell that worked nicely last year on a situation may have no effect this year on a different, though similar situation. Even if the situation was identical, the feelings of the ritual or spell being "new" and "different" no longer exist. If it is a very "ancient" spell, realities of life may be very different. 100 years ago, someone may have had an abundance of some particular herb or plant on her farm in Ireland she used in some ritual or spell. She considered it "common" and "mundane". You are living in a much different time, place, and circumstance. You may be living in Phoenix or Tokyo, in an urban environment, without much that is or can grow around you. This herb or plant is "exotic" to you, and you must search for months to obtain it at some out of the way herbalist. Your thoughts and feelings about it are MUCH different, so it evokes a much different symbolism. In other cases, the underlying problem may be different. For instance, three different women may wish to become pregnant. The first may have a medical condition which may respond to conventional medical treatment. She would need to consult her doctor. A second may be living or working around chemicals or herbal substances which induce early miscarriage. She needs to avoid those substances or alter her living or working environment. A third may need divine aid to give her a baby for whatever reason. In this case, there are three people with what look to be the same problem, but the causes and solutions are all very different. It could be the same person at three different times also.

My "Book of Shadows" contains NOTHING about any particular spell for any specific purpose, other than will effect some changes in respect to a person and the divine. Magick is not a "science" based on precise formulas, such as could be given with chemistry or physics. All possible situations are different, all possible people are different, and all possible times are different.
Considerations and Ethics
On the Rituals for Inner Changes page, there are many considerations to make before performing any magickal change. If the change is external to yourself, there are many other considerations! In addition to everything I said there in the "Considerations" section, with external changes, you have to consider who or what else might be effected. Manipulation of another person, thus interfering with that person's free will, has karmic consequences. In addition, changes that will effect others in a negative way also have karmic consequences.

You have to think this through. You have to think it all the way through and consider all repercussions of any act or change you wish to make. If there is any doubt to the effects of your actions, I suggest not doing it at all. If you must cause something external to change, it would be better if you would make the change occur through natural, mundane means alone.

To make myself perfectly clear on this, I do NOT recommend these actions unless you are POSITIVE that it is for the good of all, and according to free will - of everyone.
But it Is for Good
My questions here would be, "Are you sure?" and "How far have you thought it through?"

Some things are pretty obvious. Clearly, it is wrong to cause some harm to someone who you feel has wronged you in some way. It is wrong to do something to cause a particular person to fall in love with you. That person has their own desires and free will, and if it is not happening with you making your interest in that person known to the person, the person is just plain not interested. If you were to cause the person to fall in love with you using a "witchcrap" "Love Spell", it could well backfire. Since there was no interest to start with, it follows that the person is not such a "perfect partner" for you as you might have imagined. There are realities of the personalities which could likely have a major clash in some way. If you did end up with such a partner, you and that person would be quite unhappy with the situation. So, at that point not only has the spell backfired for yourself, you have directly caused the unhappiness of another person through your magickal and mundane acts.

Other things you might want to do might not be so obvious. Suppose you are having to watch as a loved one performs self-destructive actions. For instance, suppose your brother is abusing drugs. It is obvious to you that there are any number of negative consequences - from the possibility of prison, to ruining his health, to ruining his children's lives, to him not being able to provide for himself or his family through his job, and on and on. It might be tempting to do something to him to get him to stop changing drugs - to change his mind and his will on the topic. He's still got free will. He has no doubt already been told everything of these possible or probable consequences, and has chosen the drugs anyway, and continues to choose them. It would be a mistake to believe that you know better for him than he does for himself. He is an adult. You may still be able to minimize the consequences of his actions on others. If he's having ruinous effects on his children's lives, and on their mother's lives, perhaps you can do good things for her. Why does this woman stay and leave herself and the children in this situation? Perhaps she needs to think more of herself. Perhaps she needs to believe in and improve her own job skills or situation so that she feels capable of leaving and making a life for herself and her children without him. Perhaps she needs or wants mundane help. You could talk to her and see what it is that she wants or needs. You could encourage her to seek (better) employment or training, or to obtain help from some organization or agency that could help her plight, or offer her temporary shelter in your own home. You could do some prosperity magick so that an ideal job situation becomes available to her which would allow her to make the change. Certainly this would have effects on your brother. Losing his wife might be his "hitting bottom" which would prompt him to see how much of a problem his drug use is causing, cause him to stop abusing drugs, seek treatment, and become the person you, his wife, and his children want him to be. Then again, if he really wants the drugs, he is still free to continue his self-destructive behavior. It's still his choice, even if you don't like it.

Other things are less obvious, but still have negative consequences. Suppose you are a farmer or gardener in an area having a "100 year drought". It would almost seem "obvious" that the right course of action would be to perform a "weather working" spell to produce rain. But, is it though? Suppose your neighbor is growing a crop that does well with the dry weather conditions, and rain would ruin that? Suppose your other neighbor is planning an outdoor wedding? Suppose someone a mile away is pouring the foundation for a new house, and a rain is going to cause destruction and delays which will cost him or her a great deal of money and delay moving into his or her home.

In short, there are a great number of considerations, and you may not have all of the information you need to understand who or what will be effected or how it will be effected.
Things Are Not Always The Same
The current situation may look similar to a situation you have encountered in the past. That does not mean that it's the same. People are different, times are different, society is different, and technology is different now than it was in the past. Even if it would have been beneficial in a past situation, it may not be in the present situation.

For instance, there have been droughts in the past. There have been droughts and dry spells in your lifetime. The present situation may look similar to those times, but it may not be. Earth Scientists say that the earth's climate changes from time to time. "Zonal flows" of the air and wind currents change from time to time. Some areas that were dry become moist, and some areas that were moist become dry over time, and sometimes abruptly over the course of world history. It might have been right during the Dustbowl of the 1930s for your grandparents to have prayed for rain, a form of using drawn down magick or energy, but it may not be in the present situation. Scientists say that we are currently undergoing a global change. These changes happen naturally from time to time, and happen more dramatically as a result of some things human beings have done over the past 50 years or so. Now, the right thing to do may be to plant a different crop, move, or give up farming or gardening as you trust that Goddess, Prakriti, or Mother Nature knows what She is doing.
Making an External Change
If you have decided that the External Change you have in mind is for the good of everyone involved, or is on a small enough scale that you can foresee all possible consequences and are willing to accept those consequences, you must then do it.

The mechanisms are quite similar to those on the Rituals for Inner Changes page, but just on a larger scale. You must decide what you want to accomplish, and how you intend to accomplish it. In the same way, you must envision the change having been made, and use any artistic or creative means at your disposal to help you with this. Look at how you envision such things, and what sorts of symbols represent those changes. Designing and performing the ritual involved is identical. You must also decide on whether to use raised or called down power. Keep in mind that using called down power is often much safer, and you can also ask the divine to help you cause the change you want, rather than the one you ask for. You may not be asking for the change that would get the result you want.
Practical Magick
Practical Magick is less obvious on a ritual for external changes than for internal, but it still applies. You have to think just how or what you can do to help the change take place, or at least not hinder it from taking place.

If you're working prosperity magick on yourself or on someone else, it is good to do whatever you can to help that prosperity. First off, have or make a plan to gain that prosperity you desire. It's a lot easier to balance your budget and make some necessary sacrifices in your lifestyle than it is to win the lottery! A better job or windfall is unlikely to just come from nowhere! You have probably got to seek the opportunity using natual means! Update a résumé, find companies with jobs available, start and promote a company, and use whatever mundane help is available for however you plan to get it.
Getting the Wrong Thing
Sometimes, in spite of your best of intentions and planning, the unforeseen does occur. You may get what you asked for but it is nothing at all like what you wanted. So, you've got to "back out" the change, if that's possible, or make something else happen.

If the changes were only within yourself, changing it back is easier than if the change was to something external. Indeed, if the changes were external, it may be literally impossible to change back! That is why you need to think it all the way through first! These sorts of problems are to be avoided as much as possible.

Using the weatherworking example, if you worked for rain in a drought, you could well produce a flood instead. The solution might be to when the rain has gone far enough, to work another spell to get the rain to stop. I hope it works. At the same time, you don't now want to be the one who works the energy to get particular weather in your location! That's a good job for Mother Nature.
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