Shields can be somewhat complicated. Certainly, there are some "generic" shields that will keep out most of the things that are bothersome. You can shield against specific things - spirits (of some particular type), or energy attacks, or telepathic bombardments of any kind, or someone else's spellwork which you don't want that has been or may be cast on you. HOWEVER, with the specific shields, they won't help against something else. For instance, if you've set up shields against "evil spirits", and you're hit with some negative spellwork or a "neutral spirit" comes to take something, you're defenseless! You must perfectly ascertain all of what is attacking you (and the attack may be coming from several sources and types of sources at once), and perfectly predict what could attack you or will. These are not one of my favorites in most cases. More general ones are in order. They can be more or less effective, depending on what you need at a particular time. But, as in all things, there are downsides to keeping up very effective shields. Consider how you would like living in a bank vault! No one could get to you, but neither could you get out to enjoy yourself, get what you need, and no one would help you. There is also a level of energy involved in maintaining a shield. Too much and the shields themselves will drain you! You've got to power them from an outside source, and an ethical one.
Specific Directions
Possibly the most generally useful ones to keep in place around you are the "parabolic mirror" variety. Visualize parabolic mirrors all around you. Anything that is directed to you is concentrated and sent back. This is even more than "threefold Law" coming back to them. I have honestly heard of people who psychically attacked someone, and having this concentrated form of their own energy returning, say that the person who they were attacking was attacking them! The problem with these is that if they're in best order, blessings won't get through either. Another way, and possibly more basic, is merely a boundary. It can be around you, around your home, around your circle, or around anything else. These have the effect of a "cheap" lock to put on a door. It'll keep out those who may just be curious, and confused people, but it will not keep out anyone determined to get in. I've put these inside the parabolic mirrors, for an added degree of safety. The more you're doing, psychically, socially, or politically, the more enemies you'll make. Even if you're doing only good work, and you are universally loved by everyone you contact, there are repercussions on the psychic level. The more good you do, the more of a threat you are to the powers of evil! They WILL try to stop you, through any means at their disposal, and they are not bound by ethics at all! It's like if now you've got a professional burglar or a professional hit been called out on you. Ordinary door locks will not stop these people. They ARE bound and determined to get in. You can get some good hints that you are under a psychic attack. You'll feel it consciously and unconsciously. Nothing may go right for you in your waking life, your dreams may be filled with nightmares, and others just don't like being around you. If you are under a psychic attack from someone or something, you can put up a "wall". Envision it as black. It's made of the same sort of "stuff" on a psychic level that black holes are made of at the physical level. They grab everything, nothing gets in or out. The problem with these is that they scare people. They'll see you as "black". Nothing they send you has any sort of energy return. You seem to be "taking" energy and not giving it back. Likewise, these shields will have a tendency to drain you. If you try, even unconsciously, to "reach out and touch someone", that energy will be absorbed to, and you'll get nothing back. So, shield from the shields! All you have to do with these is to put up the "boundary" type shields - or a docile circle if you like, around the outside of the shields or inside the shields. Another way is that you can put some specific holes in these shields. They are a "link" you've left between you inside the circle to someone or something outside the circle. You want it to be able to enter when called. Consider this like a stone wall but with a metal pipe through it, to a specific person or place. Or, think of it like a person to person phone call. No one else will be able to enter this way. This is advanced stuff here, but I'll put it out anyway. There are ways you can put some "intelligence" into your shields. The shield itself can determine friend or foe, good energy that you want or need from bad energy that will harm you. Heck, you can even put up enough intelligence to determine the intent. There's a big difference between being a target of a prosperity spell when you don't want that type of prosperity the person has in mind, or a healing you may have asked for but a deeper level does not want, and someone trying to throw a tanglefoot charm or grand bewitchment on you! These can be set up to send back the energy, concentrated, add energy of their own (the shields themselves!), to let through things you do want and need given for the right reasons, or to just absorb the general garbage that comes your way or positive energy or spells sent for the right reasons when it's something you really don't want or can't use. The only way that I'm aware of to put up these "intelligent" shields is to both get the aid of a god or goddess, have them set up to work 24/7, whether you're awake or asleep, and to link them into your own psyche and spirit. The energy for them, the power to return the attack on negative energy, all comes from the divine. They don't DRAIN you the way it does to keep up the "black hole" type shields. They also let through what you want, need, or can use. If it's something you don't need that was sent benevolently, it still sends back a blessing to whoever sent it. If the "invaders" are conscious entities, rather than unconscious energy, it will do things specific to them. Are they "neutral spirits" just looking for a handout, or are they truly "evil spirits" trying to stop you from whatever good you're doing?!? The nice thing about these are that "you" don't have to know.
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