About Me
I no longer worship nor believe in any sort of "uber God". The tens of thousands of gods, in my belief, are nothing more than archetypes, similar to how they were described by Jung. Archetypes are merely outgrowths of human social conditioning and human psychology. Rituals involving them may sometimes serve some purpose within someone's mind, or within a social group, especially for a purpose.

I intend to leave this site up for the foreseeable future. From the number of hits on the pages, some people are using this Wiccan Tradition, which I evidently have created inadvertently. There are portions of it which I still agree with and use. I still practice Raja Yoga, and still view it as the crown-jewel of meditations, and still practice many other types of meditation from time to time. As my guru who taught that to me has gone to mahasamadhi, or deceased in common parlance, I am maintaining his teachings to the public for as long as possible, and hopefully others will pick them up. I'll put some more meditations up as time and energy permit. Many of the older writings still reflect my essential thoughts on the matter. The Androgynous Archetypes writing is, evidently, the only writing of its kind! Although I do not worship gods, and see them as archetypes, the purpose of the androgynous ones remains.

I cannot offer theological suggestions, nor can I give any advice on the use of spells, nor help you in attaining anything you want. My advice would merely be to do something to produce that in your life, or if you want to help others, do something which would help those others.
My public Wiccan name is Rudra. It was given to me by a former teacher, who thought at the time it was a Goddess name. It is not. It is a male name, for a Vedic God who later became Shiva. Yet, it does fit me very well, so I kept it. When I seriously became involved in Hinduism, I used "Rudra" for my Hindu name. After I attained Kaivalya, that being one definition of "enlightenment", I became entitled to append "-ananda" to, so I am Rudrananda. My real name though is Elizabeth Harper.

I live in the midwest with 2 dogs, a cat, a guinea pig, and my beloved handfast-partner. Spirituality has always been very important to me.
Applying My Beliefs
I will never forget the words of a Roman Catholic monk I met many years ago. He told me, "Live all of your life surrounded always by God." That is how I live.

My primary devotion is to Lord Shiva. I am also devoted to Devi or Goddess Who is His wife as well as His feminine nature. Our divine parents are One in the same. AUM NAMAH SHIVAYA! My primary form of personal sadhana or spiritual act, is that of Samkhya Meditation or Raja Yoga.

I acnowledge all other divine forms as well. I have a devotion to the Celtic deities, especially Lord Cerenunnos. He and Lord Shiva are also the same One. It is my opinion that it is rather silly to get too involved in the exact nature of any divine form. They all point to the same One. Yet, each individual must use the aspects of the divine through which that person can see the divine best. That is not the same for any two people, or even any one person throughout their lifetime. It is useful to discuss how "I" see It vs how "you" see it, but those conversations are for the purpose of helping one another grow.

Converting anyone who does not seek the faith to which they are being converted is wrong. Conversions through force or coersion (a form of force, actually) is doubly wrong. It is especially wrong to do this on someone's deathbed. Deathbed conversions lead to the soul becoming "lost" and failing to go on to the afterlife or for recycling into a new soul, as a given person may believe.

Furthermore, I abhor the recent practice among some groups of picketing funerals. Funerals are at least as much for the living, bereaved loved ones, friends, family, and other associates as they are for the deceased. They are not a forum where picketing anything the deceased did during life is useful or acceptable, and this interferes with the grieving of the survivors. We have joined a group called Patriot Guard Riders which, by invitation to funerals of US veterans and service members, shields mourners from protests.

I teach, inspire, and help others as I can. I perform psychic healings. I mostly enjoy my solitude. I value every person and every being. I take the words of Lord Krishna to heart when He said that it is wrong to differentiate among, "Me, a devotee, and a dog". As such, I abhor and work against discrimination of all forms, whether that be because of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender, family status, history that is past, income, physical appearance, physical capacities, mental capacities, or a host of other reasons to discriminate. I put most of my energies into the stigma associated with mental illness, and the treatment of the mentally ill in many forms. For further information, see Mental Health Issues.

This is not theory or philosophy for me. IT IS MY LIFE!

I've discussed the ethics of how to decide what is all right and not all right for you to eat. As I said there, everyone's answer will be different, and may differ from time to time in their own life. I can look at my teeth and my nutritional requirements as a human being, and it is evident that I am a omnivore. I can observe what other primates eat, and they eat mostly vegetables and fruits, and a little meat. I am not a vegetarian. I only eat some meat. I do what I can to counteract the karma involved with killing or having another creature killed for me by at least taking the time to thank the animal for giving its life for me. This is something borrowed from traditional Native American spiritual beliefs.

Not being one to take myself, or anyone or anything else too seriously, I have a regard for Eris, or in Roman terms, Discordia. I am not a serious Discordian; THERE ARE NO SERIOUS Discordians, but it adds a needed amount of mirth for lightening up when everything gets to... heavy. See the Discordian link, or the link to The Principia Discordia on the site map.

In practical terms, what this means is that I eat a fairly balanced diet, avoiding food allergens (eliminating all of them is nearly impossible), high in fiber, high in nutrition, low in fats, and low in sugar.

I avoid things which are likely or known to be damaging to my health. I do not ingest illegal drugs, and am very careful what over the counter or prescription drugs I put into my system. Many things are resolvable with adequate nutritional support, through diet or supplementation. That beats the use of long-term use of any prescription drug, which covers over the problem but has side-effects, some of which are worse than the original problem.

The answer for you will likely be different. That is how it should be. Just think about it, is all, and think about it in regards to your energy level and type, as I mentioned on the Samkhya page.
Non-Beliefs and Non-Practices
"Wicca" "Witchcraft" and "Tantra" are all emotionally charged words. Most of these things are little understood, and have not been for centuries. Wicca and Witchcraft have had a resurgence since the 1950s, but they still scare the "nice normal" people. All of these things are shrouded in secrecy from years or centuries of persecution, and those in power taught fear surrounding all of those while spreading misinformation.

I do not harm, abuse, injure, or kill anyone or anything with consciousness. My Gods are deities of life and of nature. They would certainly NOT want anything killed in Their name. Sacrifices desired by Gods I worship are to sacrifice my own bad habits and self-defeating ways. They do accept offerings, out of love. These can be any small thing which you like and enjoy, and choose to share with Them. I frequently offer fruit, vegetables, milk or baked goods. One of the most emotionally moving rituals I ever did I offered my divine parent a cup of coffee, and sat with God and had coffee with Him as I told Him my concerns, desires, and troubles. I really felt that day that I was heard and listened to! I engage in very little "formal" spellwork, and even the informal spellwork I give great consideration as to who or what will be helped or hurt by my magickal attempts, or what the potentials are for harm or help. I do not engage in wild, wanton sexual orgies. I do not engage in or advocate in drug use and very rarely drink. This includes all drugs, legal, illegal, herbal, or prescription that have mind-altering or harmful effects that exceed any therapeutic value. I have major ethics regarding how any animal I eat is kept and killed for my consumption. I wish to minimize my impact on the earth not in any way maximize it. The details of this are subject to reconsideration and redefinition at any time if I am given some reason to reconsider some portion of them.

In short, I live a quiet, healthful, law-abiding lifestyle. I advocate adhering to all applicable laws which may govern you. I only advocate change through lawful, ethical, and nonviolent means. If you are looking for pornography, a sex manual, advocation for drug abuse, an excuse to abuse animals or people, or some set of magickal instructions that will allow you to harm those you feel have gotten in your way or magickal instructions that will get you all of your wants RIGHT NOW, I hope you read and consider the ethics I've put out here. Living that way will cause you to have to "pay the piper" somehow, at some time. It's got nothing to do with any rules of any particular deity. Right and wrong, good and bad, positive and negative, are independent of any conscious deity which is external from the world and ourselves. Negative consequences are more akin to a law of physics than they are to the idea of someone "punishing" you. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a little bit different way to love God and Goddess, and to come to a real understanding of the divine, as well as to treat yourself and others better, I welcome you to look around here, at the other sites to which I've linked, or write to me.
Philosophy on Love and Life
In order to maximize karmic benefit, love is the important thing. It should be for everyone and everything, but that is usually not possible, at least to begin with. It is relatively easy to love those who love you. Loving universally is not an easy task, but may be one to work toward. In addition to doing your dharma, or duty within your own life to make our life work in whatever sense, pick some group of people, animals, or issue and in whatever way endeavor to offer them assistance through whatever means is reasonably at your disposal. It may be donating money to an organization that helps them, it may be volunteering through such an organization, or you may choose who to help in whatever way as you find them or otherwise contact them.

In order to love anyone else, it is important to love yourself. This is not egotism. This is recognizing yourself as an entity who is some infinitesimal portion of the divine, Which is infinite. A fraction of an infinity is still infinity! You are very important. Treat yourself as someone you love. If there are questions, ask yourself how you would feel if you saw someone treating a pet the way you treat yourself. Get enough, but not too much, sleep, exercise, work, play, love, mental stimulation, medical care, and so on and so forth. For instance, if you had a dog you loved, you would give it a bed, a dog house, take it for walks or build it a dog run, play fetch with the dog, pet the dog, perhaps get another dog to be a companion for it, and take it to the vet when sick and for prevention of illness. You would not force the animal to pull a dogsled for days without rest, lock it in a closet, ignore the dog, beat the dog, leave it outside in the heat or freezing cold without shelter, and deny it medical attention! That would be animal cruelty! If a dog deserves better treatment than the way you are treating yourself, that should say something. Moreover, what if you knew someone were treating their child the way you treat yourself? Would you nominate them for "parent of the year" or would you report them to Child Protective Services? Watch the self-talk too. If you are calling yourself, "stupid", "careless", "ugly" or whatever else, that would be considered verbal abuse if someone else were doing it to you. It's no more appropriate to do it yourself. Likewise, if someone is abusing you, take whatever steps you need to stop it. Although you may love your abuser, and he or she is also an aspect of the divine, the most loving thing you can do is to get them to stop the abuse. That is badly damaging them as well as you. Love felt in this situation is not a healthy sort of love. Often, the best thing you can do is to get away from them. Removing yourself from someone's life may, at times, be the most loving thing you can do, regardless of whether or not there is abuse involved.

Goddess and I love you, and there's nothing you can do about it!
Following are pictures of me and of my pets.

The above is a picture of Rudrananda and her immigrant dog, born near Chechnya. He was quite wild when I got him. He's still unpredictable around new people, and is a very protective watchdog. Do not let his size fool you!

No doubt, you think this is a cat in my arms. Nonsense! This is Igor. Igor is Goddess' unique creation. His purpose is to remove all of the excess chicken from the universe. The problem though is that he thinks all chicken is excess, including that on my plate, or the chicken-flavored dogfood in Booberry's dish.

Teaching this wild dog to dance.

Redbeard, the guinea pig.

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