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Samkhya Wicca Explained

I no longer worship nor believe in any sort of "uber God". The tens of thousands of gods, in my belief, are nothing more than archetypes, similar to how they were described by Jung. Archetypes are merely outgrowths of human social conditioning and human psychology. Rituals involving them may sometimes serve some purpose within someone's mind, or within a social group, especially for a purpose.

I can no longer advocate the use of such things as prayers or spells. Indeed, they are a waste of time and energy, except as encouragement to take some action effecting some change. If some change to your own or another's condition is your desire, my advice is DO SOMETHING. For instance, if you want to have more money, seek a better job, or undertake some course of study which will lead to a higher paying job. This is far more likely to work than praying, casting a spell, or just wishing that money will rain down on you, or that the winning Lottery ticket will just blow across your path. If you want to have the right person in your life to love and share your life, put yourself into situations where you are likely to find others who share your interests and outlook.

The Samkhya Sutras, indeed, outright say, "There is no all-powerful God." That line was what separated theistic Samkhya from atheistic Samkhya. In practice, theistic Samkhya has not been significantly practiced nor taught since Islam made its way into the Indian subcontinent about 800 years ago. Much of my mixing Samkhya as I learned it with Wicca as I had previously been taught on its own was an attempt to re-constitute theistic Samkhya.

The word Samkhya denotes counting, mathematics. It also denotes classification, to distinguish one thing into a class, and another thing into a different class, as they are similar or how they differ. It's pretty good at helping to figure out what's what, or how something fits in with others. While in many or most areas, modern science does far better at identifying and classifying various material things according to their type, and how they differ from other, similar things, Samkhya does pretty well with things which are difficult to study using the scientific method. Indeed, in the modern world, the "hard sciences" such as physics and chemistry are far better developed than the "soft sciences" such as psychology and sociology regarding identification and classification.

I intend to leave this site up for the foreseeable future. I have not changed the text in most pages on this site, nor even on this page below this paragraph. From the number of hits on the pages, some people are using this Wiccan Tradition, which I evidently have created inadvertently. There are portions of it which I still agree with and use. I still practice Raja Yoga, and still view it as the crown-jewel of meditations, and still practice many other types of meditation from time to time. As my guru who taught that to me has gone to mahasamadhi, or deceased in common parlance, I am maintaining his teachings to the public for as long as possible, and hopefully others will pick them up. I'll put some more meditations up as time and energy permit. Many of the older writings still reflect my essential thoughts on the matter. The Androgynous Archetypes writing is, evidently, the only writing of its kind! Although I do not worship gods, and see them as archetypes, the purpose of the androgynous ones remains.

I cannot offer theological suggestions, nor can I give any advice on the use of spells, nor help you in attaining anything you want. My advice would merely be to do something to produce that in your life, or if you want to help others, do something which would help those others.
This site explains my own spiritual path, or at least the main two parts. As such, the site is in three parts; one for Samkhya and one for Wicca, and finally one that explains how I have combined them.

I never intended within Wicca to start my own tradition. This just sort of happened. After acknowledging that it had happened, I therefore need to and have decided to put things down in a coherent fashion.

I have been Wiccan for many years. Several years ago, I began looking elsewhere for my spiritual development. I encountered Samkhya. That is a sect of Hinduism which has all sorts of things categorized and everything put together in such a way whereby I didn't need to "reinvent the wheel" every time I wanted to do anything with energies of any kind!

Unlike either traditional Wicca or the other orthodox sects of Hinduism, Samkhya Wicca itself teaches against intact reincarnation in the general case. However, the utmost authority on any particular religious matter is the individual. Any given person may choose what to believe for himself or herself on reincarnation or any other matter. My belief is more akin to recycling than it is to reincarnation. Your beliefs may differ from mine.

This is a different spiritual journey! I am publishing this because numerous people have inquired, so I'll put the general information on the web, and they can contact me with some specifics, or go to other published sources for any part of it.

My suggestion to use this site is to read each side of my spiritual path, the Wicca and Samkhya pages and their sub-links separately, then read the Samkhya Wicca page with all of the links within Samkhya Wicca.

I am not looking for followers, or people to accept my entire path. If you can use anything here, great. I'll even help you if I can. If you can't use it, that's fine too. Contact Me
Both of these paths, as well as their aggregate, hold nature in the highest esteem!
I have been a witch since 1970. I have been a Samkhyin since 1996, and attained Kaivalya or Divine Liberation in July, 1997. Since, in my own spiritual journey, I have been drawn back to Wicca, and I see better how the two work together remarkably well.

To learn more about either or both of these components of my faith, click on the links on the top.
Of note, since I wrote this site, I no longer hold a belief in any divine beings of any type, nor do I make any sort of pretext of worshipping them.
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Information contained in this site is what I believe to be true and accurate. I do not claim expertise in any particular area, other than my own life. All of the opinions appearing on this site are my own, and do not represent those of any other person, organization, corporation, or church. I do not advocate taking any medical, legal, or religious action without obtaining appropriate counsel in those areas in advance.

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