On Love
Following is a treatise about love in all of its manifestations. This is not specific to Samkhya Wicca, but it is some generally good philosophy on the matter.
On Love
Elizabeth Harper
Copyright 2003 All Rights Reserved

Love can mean many things. I love my spouse. I love my brother. I love my cat. I love chocolate. I love tulips. I love God. Love is so multiply defined as to be an almost meaningless word. The Greek is better, in that it has multiple words for various kinds of love. Three commonly known Greek words for love are eros, fillios, agapé. These three words mean, respectively, sexual or erotic love, friends' love, and divine love. Even these three do not cut all of the subtleties. There is a lot of difference in who or what the object of the love is.

Love implies caring. It is impossible to love someone or something that you do not care about. It is important to realize that there is no "wrong" or "sinful" way to give love. All love is good and right. The only time that expressions of love are "wrong" or "sinful" is if everyone involved does not understand fully or everyone does not have the same expectations. If everyone is honest, there will be no problems. You can love another person by being physically close to them, by being emotionally close to them, by sharing life experiences, by touching them, by expressing some of those feelings through words, by expressing those feelings by how you look at them, how you speak to them, how you touch them, or other such things.

If it is a nonhuman you love, such as an animal, you may have to express that love through touch or how you speak. The animal cannot understand you, but will differentiate a harsh word from a tender one. You also have to do things to practically care for the animal, such as to feed it. Plants are even more basic. If you love flowers, you will have to express that love by taking care of the flowerbed. You need to fertilize it, pull weeds, water it, and such things.

There are also various ways to love God. One person may love God through following the rules in a book that he or she believes came from God. Another may love God through meditatively adoring God, and listening for what God says to them on any matter. Another may love God through service to their religious organization, or by reaching out to others through that religious organization. Others may love God by helping others as are seen to be in need of help, which that person is capable of giving. Some may offer their love through a religious organization, and feel a need to be with a group of people with similar ideas. Others prefer to offer their love alone. One person may pray memorized prayers. Another may pray in words that come to mind and express needs and adorations of that instant. Another may pray without words.

In fact, sometimes, love can exist without an object. It is just the free-floating feeling of love. It is undirected. If one recognizes that this love is actually directed at everything and everyone, it can be fantastic. If one fails to recognize this, and find, or even possess whatever the loving feeling is directed toward, this leads to unhappiness and despair. If one wants this love to be returned, one of two things happens. If one can understand that this love is actually divine in origin and target, and that another word for God is Everything, God can, will, and does return every bit of the love in kind. If one tries to pick some subset of Everything from which to obtain the return of love given, disappointment will result. Another human being will always disappoint us. That is certain.

If one recognizes undirected love as being directed toward Everything, a lot of good can come of it. One may express their love by doing some sort of good, as they can, to some subset of Everything. It is not important what person or group or issue you pick to do your work on. The important thing is that you do pick something and work toward improving something. You use your love as a motivating factor to work toward improving things for your beloved. This sort of love is like someone who shows they love their family by working to support them, to cook nutritious meals for them, to ensure that the car runs well, and so forth.

Another way one can express this love is through meditatively feeling through the love, its source, its direction, and shuddering at its intensity and beauty. You feel it being directed at you as well as feeling yourself love with every fiber of your being. This is quite beautiful. It is also extremely difficult to describe: How do you express looking at and loving your God?

(To those with a Christian background reading this: The above two you may recognize as the story of Martha and Mary with Jesus. There was the difference between the love through service and the love through adoration. Jesus said they were equivalent.)

There are other forms of love too. You may wish to look at, or listen to, smell, touch, or taste the world around you, the divinity surrounding you, and appreciate it from its sensory aspects. You may then wish to write poetry about what you've experienced, create paintings, write or perform music, or another type of artistic expression. You're expressing your love. It is even more good, right, and true when you share this artwork with another. You may really desire to love Everything through simply being with the world as it is. You may wish to be away from the worldly distractions and people, and just be with nature for a while. You can feel your love for Everything this way. Although, people and distractions are also part of Everything, so you may prefer to be with people, or in a very busy environment.

A mistake is to try to fulfill this undirected love through any finite object. There is no person, place, or thing which is capable of receiving an infinite amount of love. Putting an infinite article in a finite receptacle is impossible. The finite being is guaranteed to disappoint. The finite being can only return a finite amount of love. That will surely disappoint one who is having an infinite amount of love directed through him or her. There is only one place you can direct an infinite amount of love, and that is to direct it to the infinite. Call It God, or call It Everything. Once directed there, when it comes back, it can be divided up by the divine, and finite amounts given to finite people and things.